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Documentary - Fall  2015

Black August: A Hip-Hop Benefit Concert is the subject of this feature length documentary about the annual Malcolm X Grassroots Movement event, which has been sponsored for more than a decade to raise awareness about political prisoners in the U.S. Inspired by the life stories and struggles of George Jackson and Assata Shakur, MXGM has collaborated with some of hip-hop's most important artists to fundraise for the defense campaigns of U.S. political prisoners. The film features performances by Mos Def, dead prez, Talib Kweli, David Banner, Common, Erykah Badu and others in New York, Cuba and South Africa. Interviews with political exiles Assata Shakur and Nehonda Abiodun and political prisoner Mutulu Shakur and former Panther Kathleen Cleaver further elucidate the stories of lifelong activists and revolutionaries who were prosecuted and persecuted by the U.S. government for their political action. Part concert, part film, Black August proves how effective hip-hop can be in the worldwide organization of political activism.

“Life is chess and chess is life”

Though deeply flawed, Michael Jones is larger than life! Leaving behind a long trail of bullet-ridden  bodies from Baltimore’s urban streets to Wall Street, at the tender age of 15 years of age Michael becomes ensnared in the vicious and deadly drug trade in Northwest Baltimore and rapidly rises to become an ultra-smooth international grandmaster in the Game of Life, Big Business and Politics, through his $300 million investment company “PICTO” which publicly means PERFECT INVESTMENT COMPANY and TRADE ORGANIZATION. Privately known only to Michael’s inner circle, PICTO is, actually , a highly secretive code name for the far flung nefarious continuing criminal enterprise (“CCE”) designated “The Michael Jones Crime Family” by the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI and the Baltimore City Police.

Very well-written by one who knows the ruthless, brutal and wicked ways of the world, and running over with priceless knowledge, wisdom and gems, POWER MOVES is an action-packed drama and suspense thriller like no other… Ever. Read it and count the bodies as they quickly pile up, page after page.

Frank Thomas believed to his core, he was born to be a pimp! Raised in the tough projects of Newark, New Jersey by a domineering and abusive, alcoholic mother -- Frank took the streets at an early age like a pit bull to a leg.

Money Green was the sage of pimping. He took Frank under his wing and schooled him to mind games and The Ten Cardinal Rules of A True Pimp.  Sharonda was Frank’s high school sweetheart and first paper-getter. A sultry redbone, she ran the stable and kept her wife-in-laws in check. Not your stereotypical ghetto peacock procurer, Frank pimped all races. His bevy of turned out trotters worked the strolls from Brick City to Chi-Town, New Orleans and LA’s Sunset Boulevard. Ambitious and ruthless, catering to the movers and shakers at the Playboy Mansion propelled him to the ritzy casinos of Monte Carlo and flesh haven Amsterdam’s human trafficking underworld. Federal prosecutor Ruth Brown was willing to break all the rules to put Frank behind bars!

Media branded the black madam Heidi Fleiss, super freaky Pam was the “queen bee” shot-caller at Alderson Federal Prison Camp. Then Martha Stewart arrived and the script was flipped…Perverse off-the-chain sex, brutal killings and lavish lifestyles comprising a pleasure for sale secret world and its intertwined realms of exotic dancers, drug lords and pornography, is explored.

Streetwise or not, no trotter knows whether she’ll return alive -- after getting into a trick’s ride. Seattle’s infamous Green River Killer, Gary Leon Ridgeway, admitted to strangling 48 prostitutes. And the disappearances go on…   


"Move over Gangland and American Gangster...!"

Chicago and Rockford, Illinois, have been taken over by a murderous drug-dealing cartel led by the mysterious "Go-Rilla Duke", whose mission is to destroy communities. Go-Rilla Duke uses a vicious code of money, mayhem and murder: "M.M.M." Members of Go-Rilla Duke's cartel are branded with the tattoo "M.M.M." on the left side of their chest, and "R.G.T." on the right. R.G.T. stands for Renegade Go-Rilla Thugs.

The only thing that stands in the destructive path of Go-Rilla Duke and his deadly army of killa drug dealers is Chicago's oldest organized gang: The Street Souljas, aka "L.O.S.S." (Last Organized Street Souljas).

Believing that the graveyard, prisons, and drugs have wiped The Street Souljas off the map, Go-Rilla Duke sets off the spark that leads to his own demise by ordering his "Go-Rillas" to kill the lead of the The Street Souljas. In the presence of his mother, Omar "SKO" Elite is brutally gunned down but miraculously he survives 8 bullets. Depressed by the death and destruction of his community and loved ones, on his death bed Omar travels back in time and uncovers the answers to what must be done to break the malicious cycle: Go-Rilla Duke must die!

Tikki "T-N-T" King, the daughter of Street Soulja Chief Jerome King, kills two major Renegade Go-Rilla Thugs, kicking off an all-out war between Souljas and The R.G.T.'s in which the former tries to restore unity, love, truth peace, freedom, and justice to the streets of Chicago...

Taking the guise of a spectral underworld kingpin, Solomon Moor has gathered the power of fear as his greatest weapon against the underworld element that he functions within.

A respected businessman and philanthropist with connections and understandings of the criminal world, sets out to eliminate the elements that have catered to the dismantling of the social structure…utilizing the very resources of his foes…always, trying to avoid becoming the very thing that he despises.

There have been a few documentaries produced about the LA Gang Life and even some movies such as “Colors” and “Training Day”. These projects have all fallen short of explaining why so much violence came about during the 80’s and 90’s through gangbanging. We have been able to open this window and look through to see first hand what contributed to these issues by engaging LA’s largest criminal street gang known as the Rollin 60’s.

The Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crips is a street gang based in Los Angeles, California. In 1972, the Rollin' 60's formed as a faction of the original Crip gang, the Westside Crips, and have since grown.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the Rollin' 60's is "the largest black criminal street gang in the City of Los Angeles with over 3,400 active members just in LA”.








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In the mid-1960s and early 1970s, some of the most dangerous and ruthless young black men from the brutal streets of Philadelphia, PA, formed an alliance within the Nation of Islam’s Mosque Number 12. Wholeheartedly believing in the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and his vision of self-sufficiency and reliance, these young men saw themselves as pioneers for a new black nation. 

Committed to doing whatever was necessary, including       becoming involved in organized crime and murder, they      proceeded to place themselves and others at risk to  advance what they believed was in the best interest of such a nation.  Although the Philadelphia police and newspapers referred to them as the “Black Mafia,” and the FBI called them “Black Revolutionaries in Suits,” to each other and those who knew them well, they were simply “The Brothers.”

Novel - April  2015



Granny’s sent her family into a downward spiral. Leaving her family to deal with the problems of the world without her guidance, love help or her support. Dalphine, not being use to making decisions or leading a household became to much to fast, and the pressure of raising two kids on her own, coupled dealing with the pain of losing her mother, she sought out solace in the bottom of a liquor bottle. And when the alcohol  wasn’t enough smoking crack relieved her pain and made living bearable.


Lo, only being a teenager, tried his best to be the shoulder that his mother needed but her habit forced a wall up between them. He turned to football to ease his pain. Becoming a highly recruited high school player he had dreams of becoming a NFL player and using his millions to get his family out of the dangerous projects and out of DC. His fantasies were changed after coming home to find his four year old brother alone crying from hunger pains. Lo learns quickly that the streets afforded him a fast way to keep the lights on and their stomachs full. Leaving his dreams in fantasy land his reality was now to be a protector and provider.


But what happens when his quick fix plan becomes a deadly problem that harms the one innocent person in his life that he swore to protect.



Documentary - Summer  2015


FROM THE STREETS TO THE CORPORATE SUITES is a documentary film, which chronicles the rise of west coast gangsta rap music and how corporate America through players such as Ted Fields, Jimmy Iovine, Steve Ross and David Geffen, were quick to exploit this burgeoning new music.

As the new art form began to come together in the late 1980s west coast black street entrepreneurs like Suge Knight, Harry O and Ricky Ross, financed the young artists, often with proceeds from the illicit drug trade. On the east coast the nefarious nexus between music and crime also flourished with gangsters like Haitian Jack, Jimmy Henchman and Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff making major inroads in the east coast hiphop music scene. Drugs, guns and cash flowed in one direction and CDs dropped in the other.

Although controversial and uncompromising, gangsta rap sales continued to escalate creating an ethos of urban gang culture chic on predominantly white college campuses, the fashion world, gaming and other icons of youth culture. Unfortunately, many of the original black promoters of the music met with violent endings or imprisonment while the white corporate titans continue to reap the financial benefits of this revolutionary sound.