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Donald  “Don Don”  Gatling

  A native of Washington, D.C., Donald Gatling was like many other young black men from the inner-city who had dreams of being ‘hood famous. He took to the streets and fell in love with everything that went with it. After coming home from college in 1993, he was arrested and incarcerated in 1994. In 1996, he was found guilty of murder one and has been imprisoned ever since. Although the case that the government presented involved at least two suspects who actually committed the crime, Gatling was the only one charged. Today, more than a decade remains before Gatling can face the possibility of parole.

Terence  “Timbo”  Richardson 

  Terence “Timbo” Richardson was arrested for a host of crimes, with the most serious being multiple counts of first-degree murder. Following the arrest, every law enforcement agency in the Chicago area came forward with various additional charges. This caused a media frenzy, which included Richardson being labeled as a “hit man,” “executioner,” and “serial killer” for the Conservative Vice Lords gang.

   Cook County prosecutors decided to prosecute Richardson to the fullest extent of the law in Illinois, and filed a motion of their notice of intent to seek the Death Penalty against him. Richardson went through several trials that resulted in multiple murder convictions, and although he was found ineligible for the Death Penalty, he was still sentenced to the maximum sentence under Illinois law, which is 60 years for murder, plus an additional 30 years running consecutive for attempted murder. After being found guilty again for yet another murder and ultimately sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of ever being released on parole, Richardson decided to turn a negative into a positive.

   For the last 17 ½ years of his life, Richardson has been telling stories through writing. He spends much of his time exercising his mind by reading and studying case law that he hopes may one day help him obtain freedom. He believes his personal story and books will serve as a cautionary tale to today’s urban youth.


“Never allow yourself to make permanent decisions on temporary situations. If you do, you might find your self in a similar situation as me.” – Terence “Timbo” Richardson

Prentice Taylor

Vanna B.

  Vanna B. is the author of five Amazon best-sellers. A native of Philadelphia, PA, Vanna received her BA in journalism from Temple University. Writing has been a life-long passion of hers and she always planned on authoring books. 

  Vanna's professional writing career began with newspapers and magazines, where she served as a restaurant reviewer, editor, advice columnist, and staff writer covering a range of topics including current events, local politics, and culture. After making the decision to leave the workforce to stay home to raise her son, she began penning her first novel, Fancy. 

  Vanna's books have received coverage in numerous publications including Life & Style, The Source, and World Bride Magazine. She is the recipient of a Philly Hip Hop Award for "Best Author," and a nominee for multiple AAMBC Awards and Urban Literary Awards. 

"I'm incredibly grateful that my work is being so well received," Vanna says. "I love writing and sharing my gift with others, and I work very hard at providing top-notch material with the goal of bringing readers a unique and memorable experience."

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